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International WOmen's Day

In celebration of International Woman’s day we are showcasing our lovely band ladies! We are so lucky to have a mixture of students, musicians and ladies who have returned to banding after having their own families…

Charlotte has recently joined our band family and is doing an amazing job as bumper up Euph! Cathy is our band mum, she is always smiling & keeping us organised!

We could tell you lovely stories about each of our band ladies but maybe if you’re looking for a new challenge or a return to playing a brass instrument you could come along and find out for yourself!

We are also really lucky to have Rosie as our community band conductor at present, they are also looking for new ladies to join them on their musical journey.

Back Row: Charlotte, Pauline, Jodie, Eloisa, Cathy, Pauline | Front Row: Jennifer, Niamh, Rosie, Janine


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