Philip Eost


A relative latecomer to the brass band scene, Phil only recently secured his position in GCB through his highly tenuous connection to trombone, mute and mouthpiece legend Dennis Wick.

He started to play percussion at the age of ten with various local orchestras in his native Essex and had lessons from a number of great teachers and drummers including Phil Aldridge, now with the Illegal Eagles.  He also played in a number of truly awful bands and wore some terrible red shirt and white trouser combos whilst on stage.

After moving to Scotland he joined orchestras in Edinburgh and then Shetland before finding his wife and spiritual home in Aberdeen.   Since then he has worked as a Process Engineer in the oil industry.  His only other musical exercise, apart from lurking at the back of the band and being abused by the conductor, is trying to persuade his four children to do their music practice with various degrees of success.  Unfortunately, none of them have chosen percussion or any other instrument conducive to playing in a brass band.

Pauline Black


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