Cornets (Front Row)

Allan Wilson

Principal Cornet

Allan started playing the cornet about age 10, he thinks. He’s made progress but has still got a bit to learn yet.

After several years tuition from Bill Morrow, Robert Fraser, Marion Brackpool and Willie Tennant he joined The Kirkintilloch Band in 1985. Allan enjoyed many contest successes, concert and CD performances with Kirky over the next 21 years, directed by Walter Hargreaves, Richard Evans, Frank Renton and Steve Bastable, to name a few.

Allan moved to Aberdeen in 1997 and met Mandy when he went along to Bon-Accord Silver Band’s rehearsals, ostensibly to keep his lip in.

Mandy and Allan married in 2004 and joined Granite City in 2006.

Gavin Hunter

Solo Cornet

Awaiting Profile

Tom Rafferty

Solo Cornet

Awaiting Profile

Dylan Coolahan

Solo Cornet

Dylan got a letter from school offering him the chance to play a brass instrument. Without getting much choice in the matter, his mum signed his life away and he soon started playing the trumpet at the age of 9 under the tuition of the bands musical director Bruce Wallace.

Over the years, Dylan has played in various concert bands and has competed in the SCBA national finals under the direction of Bruce.

Wanting to face a new challenge, he joined the Community Band on Cornet in May 2014, and soon saw a change of instruments to the more challenging Eb Soprano Cornet. He joined Granite City Brass on 3rd Cornet in March 2015, and now sits on the front row. He got accepted into the Royal Marines Band Service on Cornet in July 2015 (fulfilling a childhood dream),and will start in September 2016.

In his spare time, Dylan follows Aberdeen Football Club and enjoys cycling through the local countryside.